About Excel Scientist

Excel Scientist is a new way of teaching or showing you how you can apply the already known skills in excel for any day to day business problems. We stress more on application of excel feature in solving a real life problem rather than describing the feature alone. Our ultimate goal is to make all the help needed to work in excel available here at all time. Our training methodologies are quite different from others, we impart the knowledge through small but concise articles and videos, real life example from various domains viz Finance, HR, Project Management, Manufacturing etc. Also we provide a handful of templates which are being used productively in the respective industry for many years.

About Me

Excel Scientist was started by me (Wilson) to share excel knowledge among the users. I am a Business Analyst and previous to this I worked as an ERP consultant / analyst / developer. During my work I had to do lot of data collection, cleaning and presenting them in a meaningful way. To do this I have started using Excel and as the requirements grown I have started learning new techniques and exploring the options to do the same thing in excel in better and faster ways. I am fortunate to get lots of  help and encouragements from many sources and people, so I would like to share almost 2 decades of my excel usage knowledge in a small way.

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