Most Unknown short cut Ctrl + ’

There are many ways you can copy the formula to a cell from the cell above. One way is to press Ctrl + D and other method is Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.

Consider the below example.


In the cell C926 we have a formula =SUM(C2:C925) which sums the data from cell C2 till C925. Suppose we want to enter the average formula in the cell C927, we need the formula as =AVERAGE(C2:C925).


If we try copying the formula from cell C926 and paste it to cell C927, the formula changes to =SUM(C2:C926), so we have to make change C926 to C925 in the formula. Instead of doing the normal copy and paste, just keep the cursor in cell C927 and press Ctrl + ‘, this copies the formula from the cell above to the present cell. In addition to this the cell will be in edit mode so that you can easily change the formula from SUM to AVERAGE or any other function. You will understand the advantage of this shortcut once you try yourself.

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