Go To Special function in Excel

Go To Special is a powerful function in excel which is not known to most of the excel users. This can be accessed through any of the below methods

Home tab of the Ribbon / Find & Select button OR  Ctrl + G OR the F5 key

Click on the special button, there you will find many options to choose.GotoSpecial1



As an ERP consultant for many years I have found most of the ERP users regularly export the report from ERP application to an Excel workbook for further analysis / charting or some formatting which the standard ERP may not provide. By default ERP reports are designed to look good while printing or for viewing on the screen but when we export the same report to excel, this report get totally distorted. I have seen users spending hours to format a lengthy yearend report which may run into hundreds of pages. Below is a sample report which is exported from an ERP application. As you can see there are many blank rows and the column headers repeated on every page. If the user is trying to do some kind of summing up using pivot option or manually adding up, this creates the problem. So the user tries to remove the blank rows or the page headers which are appearing in between. One way to remove is to manually scrolling down and removing the blank rows and unwanted rows. But this method is not efficient and it may induce errors by accidently deleting some data which are not supposed to. In this scenario the ‘Go To Special’ features comes very handy. Please watch the below video to know how you can do that in few seconds.


  1. Bennie Gambel
      November 19, 2015

    Hi. I was initially expecting it and you did it yet again. Best Regards.

    • Wilson
        November 23, 2015

      Thanks for your comment

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